Introducing PARCL Tech

We are a technology-focused builder of communities targeting stakeholders in Municipal Services, Real Estate and Civic Engagement.

We work with local, state and other government entities, real estate agents, developers and owners and local community groups to develop tools that make data meaningful and actionable.

Municipal Technologies

We all know that as great as they are, cities can often use some help. Our primary mission is to help make municipalities safer, friendlier and  more efficient for all who live, work, and play in our communities. Our SafeCamTM product makes communities safer by amassing security camera data for the benefit of police departments nationwide.

Real Estate

We are consumed by real estate, all aspects of it. We love its promise, its opportunity, and solidity and seek out powerful ways to deliver actionable data to owners, investors, agents and developers. Our PARCL app, for example, presents off- and on-market data in a powerful format ideal for enabling decisions about value and development trends.


At the heart of everything we do, we are committed to strengthening the bonds that create communities, virtual or real. We are acutely aware of the forces that tie us together and also of their fragility. We strive in all our efforts to be a force for the free exchange of ideas, and to bring forth products and services that impact their intended communities positively.

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